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This is the story of a "felucca girl" in Luxor, Egypt.

I have refound my youth in this amazing country, making it my permanent home, spending my time showing tourists the wonder of the eternal River Nile on a traditional sailing boat called a felucca.

Egypt is a very spiritual land. A land of amazing energies and healing. Temples and tombs abound. Join me in experiencing the spirituality of Egypt. Reiki, Crystals, Healing, Energy Work..... all are available here.

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Zahi Hawass

It appears that Zahi Hawass having resigned his post as Minister of Antiquities, then being re-instated, has now been stripped of his Governmental post and has been sentenced to one year hard labour in prison.

This seems to be because he ignored a previous court ruling on a land dispute case.  Maybe this is just the start, or maybe he will wriggle out of it. Who knows?

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