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This is the story of a "felucca girl" in Luxor, Egypt.

I have refound my youth in this amazing country, making it my permanent home, spending my time showing tourists the wonder of the eternal River Nile on a traditional sailing boat called a felucca.

Egypt is a very spiritual land. A land of amazing energies and healing. Temples and tombs abound. Join me in experiencing the spirituality of Egypt. Reiki, Crystals, Healing, Energy Work..... all are available here.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Reiki in Egypt

I was introduced to Reiki by a good friend of mine, who’s mum was already working with Reiki energies.  My friend and I were attuned first to Reiki 1 and then to Reiki 2 by her aunt who is a Reiki Master living and working in Spain.  I loved working with Reiki, although for quite a while, I never worked on a professional level, mainly for family and friends.  

I visited Luxor on holiday one Christmas with some friends, one of whom took a Reiki Level 1 course while we were here. It was yet another friend of mine, living in Luxor who ran that course and I was involved in a small way, sharing knowledge and being a “guinea pig” for his practical work.  Until that point I had no desire to take my Reiki any further and was perfectly happy working at the level that I was working. I have no idea what changed, but overnight I knew I wanted to teach.
I studied for my Reiki Master course here in Luxor, and spent many hours working with the energies of Egypt itself. My Master attunement was performed in the magnificent Karnak Temple and I cannot begin to describe what an experience it was.  I returned home to England with a feeling that I was meant to be living and working in Egypt.

In September 2007, I moved here permanently. In that time I have made many new friends, and have been amazed at the number of spiritual people who are finding their way here on a permanent basis.
I own a felucca which is a traditional Egyptian sailing boat, and I offer various sailing packages, many of which include a chance pamper yourself with a choice of holistic therapies whilst enjoying the tranquillity of this wonderful river. And since then I have also branched into more spiritually based tours of the ancient sites.

One of the most magical experiences I have had in Luxor was the first time I was honoured to attune a student to Reiki 2 within the precincts of an ancient Egyptian temple,  Medinet Habu, a wonderful temple on the West Bank of Luxor dedicated to Ramses the Third.  It was magical for both myself and for my student. We found a quiet chapel within the temple and one of the old men who look after the temples kept any stray tourists at bay while I did the attunement. He also managed to include himself in the attunement by standing behind my student and praying. As my student is muslim, it made it extra special for her. She did not know at the time that he was there, but once we were finished she was not surprised in the least to know that a fellow muslim was praying with her.  We finished off the day with a light lunch in a local restaurant and then took my felucca out to see the sunset from the river. This was a chance for us to spend a little time in meditation, to allow the serenity of this peaceful river to wash over us, and it was the time for her to begin to feel the enhanced Reiki energies and begin to work with them. It was magical.

I am delighted to offer these courses to anyone who wishes to take a course in Reiki. I offer a week of workshops, sightseeing and attunements to the wonderful healing energies of Reiki. All you need to do is book your own flight, hotel and/or package and I will provide the rest. Please contact me for more details by email at

In light of the recent events of January 25th 2011, maybe the time is right for more spiritual, energy work here. Egypt is a country struggling to find its purpose right now.  It is trying hard to reverse the decline of decades, and it needs help, it needs healing.
And just maybe, all the healers around the world, wherever they may be, whatever they may do, will play a huge part in this.

Personally, I am honoured to be a part of this.

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