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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sheikh Abu Haggag Moulid 2011

Yesterday was the final day of the Moulid of Sheikh Abu Haggag, here in Luxor.
This is a 3 day celebration which culminates in a parade through the town.
I was lucky to spend time sitting happily on the balcony of Snacktime, overlooking the Abu Haggag Square, with Luxor Temple in the background.

A friend and I arrived around 11.30am, to watch the build up to the parade, which was scheduled to leave the Abu Haggag Mosque after the Friday Prayers                              

The atmosphere was building by the time we got there, with lots of stalls selling toys, sweets and shiny hats all around the square. Families were out in their best clothes and seemed determined to have a good time!

The floats taking part in the parade were still arriving when the call to prayer  was heard, camels and horses were gathering, getting ready to play their part.

We happily watched the build up and waited until the end of Friday prayers. The descendants of Sheikh Abu Haggag left the mosque and the  parade itself had formed a straggly melee of people, horses, camels, floats, trucks, donkeys and anything else that moved. It left in the direction of Youseff Hassan Street, where the Emilio Hotel is, to make its way around the town. 
All we needed to do now was to wait for its return, knowing that they would pass directly in front of us.

Roughly an hour and a half later, and a few bottles of water, we heard its arrival before we saw anything. The parade is led by the horses and camels, and the Descendants walk and chant at the head of the parade. They are followed by the camels carrying their loads.

Then the rest of the parade chaotically made its way past! Stick fighters, dancing, music (extremely loud) horses, more camels, donkey and carts, caleches carrying egyptian families.  My own felucca men were represented with a colourful display of 2 feluccas and a towboat!

All in all, we had a great day out!!

Next year I hope you can join us here in sunny Luxor, Egypt!

And finally, here is a small video of the arrival of the procession as viewed from the First floor balcony of Snacktime Restaurant.

Sheikh Abu Haggag Moulid, the arrival of the procession

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this and sharing your photos. They are wonderful! I have never been in Luxor at the right time of year for this festival, but would love to see it some day.