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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Destination Palestine!

A friend of mine is joining an amazing "tour" (for want of a better word) to Palestine this summer and the group are offering the opportunity for anyone to join them!  My friend is hoping to use her Reiki and other healing skills to help the people near to the town of Hebron.
It is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to help Palestine, in very small ways, or very big ways and also gives members of the group the chance of a lifetime and a wonderful experience.
There is a  Destination Palestine event being organised in Coventry to explain more and introduce people to Palestinian culture.

If you are even remotely interested, please see the following Facebook group for more information and contact details:
Destination Palestine

Below is a copy and paste from the page!

  • Dear Friends,

    Habibi is delighted to invite you to our fourth upcoming event on Sunday 1st of April from 4-9PM


    A small group of 20 ordinary people just like me and you decided to go to Palestine and make a change. With no organisation forms to fill, no funding, just the passion and the courage to make a difference. They just had a few meeting, booked the cheapest tickets with a few pounds in their pockets, they boarded Easyjet making their destination the West Bank, Palestine.

    They were warmly welcomed by the Palestinians who made space in their homes in a small village called Beit Kahil in Hebron.
    Where they travelled like a Palestinian, lived like a Palestinian, shared their food, their stories, worries and happiness.
    Just a few people managed to draw a smile in the whole village of Beit Kahel.

    Those 20 people have inspired many more who are now making their Destination Palestine this Summer 2012.

    If You Have Ever Been Interested In Visiting The Holy Land Then Now Is Your Chance to Join us on this very special event and share with us our extraordinary experience through fruitful stories from Palestine.

    You will also have the chance to speak to those who are going this summer 2012 and hear what they have of exciting activities for the adults and children of Beit Kahil in the West Bank.

    The evening will consists of Palestinian arts, performances, music, speakers, images and a video to share, while Palestinian food and drink will be served.

    Tickets: £5 (available at the door)

    Why Not Making Palestine Your Next Destination?
142 Far Gosford StreetCV1 5DY Coventry, United Kingdom

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