Me, feluccas, history and healing in Luxor, Egypt

This is the story of a "felucca girl" in Luxor, Egypt.

I have refound my youth in this amazing country, making it my permanent home, spending my time showing tourists the wonder of the eternal River Nile on a traditional sailing boat called a felucca.

Egypt is a very spiritual land. A land of amazing energies and healing. Temples and tombs abound. Join me in experiencing the spirituality of Egypt. Reiki, Crystals, Healing, Energy Work..... all are available here.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Solstice in Luxor, Egypt

During the last week, I have had the great pleasure of completing the Reiki Master training of a friend of mine, here in sunny Luxor, Egypt.  More of that later.

Our week started auspiciously, with the full moon lunar eclipse on the evening of her arrival. We watched the whole thing, from start to finish from the balcony and it was absolutely magical. I am sorry I have no photographs, but my camera is not good enough to capture such a special moment. However, to sit and watch as the moon rose over Luxor Temple across the River Nile from my home was amazing!

My friend's last full day here was also auspicious.  It was the Summer Solstice.  Normally in the UK, this is celebrated at Stonehenge when many, many people make the journey south to witness the rise of the sun over the ancient monument.

In Luxor we have many ancient monuments where we can watch the sun rise.
4.30am waiting for our boat

My friend and I chose to watch from the River Nile with a good view of Luxor Temple.

4am saw 2 very bleary eyed ladies, sloshing tea in an attempt to wake up before heading out to board our small motor boat at 4.30am.

The sky was already starting to lighten as we boarded the boat and we puttered off southwards upriver towards a quiet area away from the buildings.  We sat comfortably on the roof of the boat as we found a quiet spot to moor up. The birds were singing, the ducks were heading for the river and the sky was lightening by the minute.

A welcome cup of tea in hand, cushions to sit on, fresh air to breathe......... we waited.

Then at last, a red light behind some trees, becoming bigger and bigger by the second.                                        

The sun rose spectacularly just to the side of Luxor Temple before shining its Solstice light directly onto the temple.  I have not seen such a red sunrise as this one before. A truly magical moment to bring in the Solstice.
Who needs Stonehenge??

To our left, the mountains of the West Bank slowly lit up, the rays of the sun highlighting the Qurn overlooking the Valley of the Kings.

And we sat, happy, comfortable and peaceful as we drank in this amazing sight.

The tourists on the balloons were treated to a spectacular flight, how lucky were they?

I am so lucky to be living here, I count my blessings every day. Even when things are not going as I want, when plans are disrupted, when life in general gets me down......  this land, this river, this magic is all I need.

Tuesday, Summer Solstice, was just such a day.  Magical.


  1. that looks and souded amazing sweets :))

  2. It was Andrew..... well worth getting up at silly o'clock for! xx