Me, feluccas, history and healing in Luxor, Egypt

This is the story of a "felucca girl" in Luxor, Egypt.

I have refound my youth in this amazing country, making it my permanent home, spending my time showing tourists the wonder of the eternal River Nile on a traditional sailing boat called a felucca.

Egypt is a very spiritual land. A land of amazing energies and healing. Temples and tombs abound. Join me in experiencing the spirituality of Egypt. Reiki, Crystals, Healing, Energy Work..... all are available here.

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Living in a cocoon or Universal protection?

As you all know, I now live on the West Bank of Luxor, but I am beginning to think I am living in a parallel universe!

Recently, I seem to live my life saying just a few words such as "really? did it? who?"  I know nothing and I know no-one!!!  I see things posted on forums and internet sites, Facebook and other places and I have no idea what any of it is about!  Snippets of information find their way to me now and again, but its almost always hearsay and everyone else seems to know all the details, but this person living here has wandered around deaf and blind!

Or have I?  Maybe these things........ which are predominately negative are not meant to impact on my life. My life is meant to be happy, joyous and loving and I like it that way. Stress, trauma and negativeness have all been around me at some point or another, but recently they have stayed away. Ok, so I still worry about money, and I guess I will continue to do so until things improve with the tourism situation, but I am still here, still working, still paying my way and everytime I think "something needs to happen"....... something positive always does!

The Universe, the Source, God, the Creator, call it what you will........  keeps my life, in general, happy, joyous and positive.  I have sunshine every day, I have Spirit, I have the River Nile outside my door, I have temples and tombs a few minutes away, Ancient Egypt everywhere I turn. I have Reiki and crystals and the power of the Universe, good friends and wonderful family.  What more do I need?


Oh and I now have full satellite back!!  They just switched the cable with a dish belonging to an empty flat..... but the cable is still draped over the balcony!

Off now to sort out winter clothes, the nights are getting nippy!

And! Saw the crescent moon last night........ low in the sky and a gorgeous orange colour, I was on the ferry and watching the moon when a shooting star fell right over it!  A magical moment!


  1. Your positivity has made me smile and realise that, when put on the balance, my life is not so bad afterall either! :-) Thank you.

  2. Lol! This sounds like me, I seem to be in a cocoon, and I never know ANYTHING of the drama that goes on in Luxor. I think that appreaciating the simple things in life helps to keep a positive perspective. When in Luxor we're not bombarded with adverts and materialism so it makes it easier to enjoy the sunshine, the birds singing, picnics, family and friends. If you are healthy and can learn to enjoy the simple things then it is easy to banish negativity!:-) I think you have a good attitude.

  3. I think that if we only look around us, we can all find the positive in our lives. No satellite recently meant I didn't see the news. Did I miss it? Heck no! Have I suffered because I didn't know about the Euro crisis, Greek debt or any of the other negative reports? Nope.
    Attitudes should be positive and we should all strive to keep ourselves there.