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This is the story of a "felucca girl" in Luxor, Egypt.

I have refound my youth in this amazing country, making it my permanent home, spending my time showing tourists the wonder of the eternal River Nile on a traditional sailing boat called a felucca.

Egypt is a very spiritual land. A land of amazing energies and healing. Temples and tombs abound. Join me in experiencing the spirituality of Egypt. Reiki, Crystals, Healing, Energy Work..... all are available here.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Eva News........ cruising the River Nile

I love this travel report about Nile cruising.  You can see the pyramids from a grotesque cruise boat sailing between Aswan and Luxor and rooms are sufficiently small. Local feluccas with amenities almost like those of the cruise ships!!  Not on my felucca lol.

But read for yourself...... copy and pasted below..... link at the end.  Love it!

Ever been to a magical cruise? Then the Nile cruise is the only fabulous and official cruise that can take you around the uncharted waters of the Nile.The romantic and hassle free Nile cruises are sure to take you in a relaxing and pleasant cruise in your life.
This is the only Nile cruise that is a typical floating boat and hotel in per se en se in the entire world. Other marvelous amenities do exist like spotless lounges, bars, swimming pool, discotheques, and gift shops. The rooms in the Nile cruise are sufficiently small with and amazing air conditioning amenities to ensure that your air is pure and sufficient .
Rooms have TV , twin beds, private shower, dresser. There exist varying standards for rooms, which are acknowledged by stars. High-ranking cruiser rooms are spacious with gorgeous amenities rivaling those of the international standards. A test of a single Nile cruise will testify that there is no cruise equal to the Nile cruise.
Nile cruise is romantic,awesome and grotesque to say but the least. They can accommodate large corporate clients as well as family or individual expedition. What is uniquely amazing about the Nile cruise is the deep and rich Egyptian history as entailed in the Pharaohs antecedent. A normal cruise will take an average of 3 or nights.
Along the Luxor and Aswan dam you will be able to see the most amazing historical artifacts including the great pyramids of Egypt. Depending on your test and favorites, you can either chose the luxury cruiser of the local feluccas whose amenities are almost like those of the cruise ships. Feluccas amenities are basic but one get to enjoy the sites at the close up level than those onboard the cruise ships. So, save a dollar and welcome to the unique fallacies Nile cruises.
Orbital for your Nile Cruise you can be assured that your nile cruise holiday will meet your highest expectations. We visit all the Nile Cruisers regularly and insist that all aspects of travel egypt meet our very high standards.

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